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leadwork on a roof

Fife’s lead roofing specialists

If your lead roof needs a repair or replacement, contact the team at A. Dawson Roofing Services. We’re the experts in this type of roof.

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Clean lead roof close up

Traditional roof repairs and replacements

With over 15 years’ experience, A. Dawson Roofing Services are Fife's local experts in all types of roofs, including roofs. Properties with this type of building often include churches and listed buildings, meaning extra care needs to be taken during any repair or replacement work. Our company holds £2 million public liability insurance and has a dedicated team of roofers who complete all jobs to the highest standards. Call our team in Fife today to get a free initial quote on our lead roofing work.

Why fit lead roofing?

Lead roofing is a very popular roofing material in the UK and has many benefits including:

Lifespan – a lead roof can often last up to 150 years with the right maintenance.


Durability – lead is a stable material and unaffected by temperature or weather conditions.


Strength – a tough material, lead creates strong watertight seals around the edges of the roof to keep bad weather out.


Flexibility – lead can be manipulated across even the most unusual roof shapes.


Recyclable – at the end of its life, your lead roof can easily be recycled.


Aesthetic appeal – in their natural grey colour, lead roofs work well on traditional and modern buildings alike.

Lead on a cathedral roof
A cut slate roof with a lead valley edge under-lapping the slates

Fast lead roofing repairs

If your lead roof has become damaged or has started to leak due to wear and tear, A. Dawson Roofing Services is happy to help. As Fife’s local lead roofing experts, we can offer expert advice and fast repairs to lead roofs on all property types.

Having problems with your lead roof?

Call A. Dawson Roofing Services today for a free quote and expert advice on all aspects of lead roofing.
01592 565063 - 07585 158847

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